The Delight Box - Lite

The Delight Box - Lite

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As the mild option of the Delight Box, the Delight Box Lite still preserves the three selections of carefully chosen wine from recognized wine-loving countries around the world. Though lesser in quantity, these wines still come beautifully presented while also heightening one's wine experience, just on a reduced scale.

Contained within each Delight Box are one light white wine, one full-bodied red, and one medium red wine. These collectable and hard to find vintages and brands will be sure to please even the most discerning pallet. Great wines to stock your cellar and save for momentous occasions.

Subscribers also receive, alongside their wine, a pamphlet of pairing suggestions that highlight specific foods, music, and movies to enjoy during their wine-drinking escapades.


  • Includes 3 carefully chosen, cellar worthy wine selections
  • Selections presented to fit everyone's lifestyle
  • Includes: Hard to find vintages and brands
  • Includes: Light white, full-bodied red, medium red selections
  • PLUS: Receive food & movie pairing suggestions
  • All shipping included
  • Every month you'll be billed in advance for the next box
  • Pause or cancel at any time
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