1. Select

We offer 2 boxes: Surprise and Delight. Delight dives a little more into the world of reserve wines and recognized regions. Surprise finds picks that are a little less known (and often less costly as a side benefit), but equally deserving of accolades and tasting. 
Yes, we know, they both sound so irresistible. And yes, you can absolutely subscribe to both. 

2. Open 

Every month, you receive your curated box of 3 wines x 2 bottles of each, as well as a curated experience for their peak enjoyment. You can always be confident that you'll receive 6 stunning bottles of wine.
Shipping is included as a special perk. We don’t use standard shippers; we use a wine-specific service that delivers with the appropriate care. 


3. Enjoy 

We send two bottles of each selection, so you can experience that wine in different ways. We craft the optimal experience for you, so you get to appreciate the wine in the most enjoyable and inspiring of ways. Share 2 different pairings with 2 sets of friends, or serve both to a bigger group. Take it to the park or to a party; casually perched at the kitchen island or dressed to the nines. We encourage you to Coterie your way. 


The Details


You’re billed a sign-up for your first box and then monthly for each box. We’ll notify you when we’re almost ready to ship. Like the fine details? See FAQ.


Going away and won’t be able to receive your delivery?
Contact us at hello@coterie72.com and we can hold the box until you return so you don’t miss it. 


Just headed to the cottage or chalet?
We can deliver right to the dock or the ski hill. Depending on how remote, there may be a modest additional fee. Please contact Coterie to confirm.


Hoping to pause your subscription?
No problem. Contact us at hello@coterie72.com and we can cancel or pause
the subscription until you're ready to resume.
Just remember, we have a set number of spots open for each subscription.