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The Coterie Experience

We call it an experience, not a wine box, because it holds more than bottles of wine. We've curated the perfect way to enjoy a sip – a moment that's utterly delightful and opens up a new world of taste and pleasure.


How it works


You have 2 choices: Surprise and Delight. Share with 2 different sets of friends, or make it a tasting party.


Every month, you receive your Coterie 72 special delivery of 3 wines from around the world x 2 bottles of each selection.


We've curated the optimal experience around your wines so you can enjoy each one in the most inspiring of ways.

The Coterie Story

It starts with a balcony, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, some creamy cheese and a dreamy sunset view after a very long day at work. Read about sommelier extraordinaire and co-founder, Emily Pearce, and what happened to inspire Coterie 72.

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