Tasting the Moment     

Everyone has their own wine love story. I came to it a little later in life. As a bartender in university, it turned out I had a knack for making solid drink recommendations – not to mention teasing out life stories from the myriad individuals perched on those bar stools.

That instinct for matching taste to drink turned into a passion, then turned into a life change (believe it or not, life before wine was IT). It's been an adventurous decade of training and practicing as a sommelier in some of Toronto’s most remarkable eating spots, and one day I’ll tell you more over a bottle of Northern Rhône Syrah (a very good wine for long storytelling). 

Now that I’m a mother of two young kids, with a fantastic husband and an active job as a professional sommelier, I know how precious time is. And how important it is to have every experience and taste be a moment worth having.

And that’s the raison d’être behind Coterie 72 - a way to share my knowledge with more people, and bring some joy to the act of living. As you likely know, coterie is French for a social group or gathering. As for 72 - that’s 6 x 12, or the number of amazing taste experiences you’ll have over the course of a year.

In each box, I share more than just wines I know you’ll love. I share my hard-earned knowledge – and some tips and secrets – to help turn the enjoyment of that bottle into an experience. Serve with friends or your partner, or keep it to your wonderful self. Any which way, it’s best served to make your evening or weekend a moment to savour.

Can’t wait to hear what you think. Find me @coterie72 on Instagram, Twitter or send me an email hello@coterie72.com, and let’s chat all wonderful things wine and life.

Very Best,


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