We call it an experience, not a wine box, because it holds more than bottles of wine. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a moment, a sip that’s utterly delightful and opens up a new world of taste.

72 Wines

It’s a year of living deliciously. Each wine has been well-tasted and hand-selected by our very own sommelier extraordinaire and founder, Emily Pearce.
And thanks to her deep relationships and expertise, we’re able to bring you some very special small batch wines from around the world, many of which you'll never be able to find again. But believe us when we say they are an experience well worth having.

Each month’s collection has been thoughtfully curated from classic global regions you know and love – and some that will surprise and delight you.
But the real magic is in how you enjoy it once you *open* the box (you’ll see what we mean ;).